Kay Williams, Kay serves as Project Lead of the Deploy Project, and Executive Director of the Deploy Foundation. For the past 10 years she has been leading development of Linux-based technology solutions. Prior to that she worked for 13 years at Microsoft, holding Program Manager and Group Program Manager roles in Office, MSN and Windows Server. Her experience includes designing and delivering deployment solutions for applications (Microsoft Office), servers (Windows Server and Linux CentOS/RHEL) as well as for consumer web-service environments (MSN).

Daniel Musgrave, Development Lead. Daniel led development for Deploy, a modular, event-driven application written in the Python programming language. In this role, Daniel wrote much of the core infrastructure. He also developed the automated test system and managed ongoing test builds and infrastructure.

Uday Prakash, Development Lead. Uday wrote many components of Deploy, including package dependency solving and creation modules. He has also served as the lead for web site development, and build and release management. Uday implemented project management tools and processes including source code management and bug tracking.

Susan Baird Joshi, Documentation Lead. Susan led documentation development for Deploy, including the User Manual and Repository Definition File Reference. Susan has more than 20 years experience in technology, e-commerce and related industries. Her areas of expertise include project and documentation management, business analysis, database development and data modeling and technical writing. Susan is a principal at Caliber A.

Eddie Yip, User Experience Lead. Eddie led the design and visuals for the Deploy website. Eddie has over 19 years of creative development experience including management positions in both large enterprise and start-up environments. At Microsoft, Eddie was the Creativity and Usability Manager for Microsoft’s Center for Information Work, Program Manager for the Desktop Finance Division, Partner Program Manager for MSN and Creative Director for Microsoft Works.

Jason Williams, Business Advisor. Jason provides support for business and organizational issues related to the Deploy Foundation. He graduated from Harvard University with a Master's Degree in Business Administration, and led a successful career as an entrepreneur before beginning a career in non-profit work.

Sanjaya Joshi, Technical Advisor. Sanjaya contributed technical direction for Deploy documentation. Sanjaya has over 22 years experience in high technology and regulated industries. His areas of expertise include product development and management, risk assessment, data analysis, regulatory assessment, compliance and documentation. Sanjaya is currently the CTO, Life Sciences, at EMC Isilon Storage Division.