The Deploy Project started in 2004 as an internal tool for a startup company building Linux-based consumer web servers. It has been used in production since 2005. In 2010 it was made available to the open source community.

2004 - Project inception.
2005 - Shell script to create/maintain custom CentOS and Fedora distributions.
2006 - Migrate to Python and current modular architecture.
2007 - Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
2008 - Test automation and complete documentation.
2011 - Support for automated system installation and updates.
2012 - Support for automated application packaging.
2013 - Additional documentation and templates.
2014 - Early support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Deploy's modular design is capable of supporting a wide range of deployment features across multiple operating system and machine architectures. The broader platform includes a complete testing framework, comprehensive user documentation, performance caching, and support for both online and offline operation.

Deploy is also designed for efficiency. The entire process is streamlined, automated and performance tuned. The end result is a platform that is complete and flexible, yet at the same time simple, minimal and reliable.


The Deploy Project is administered by the non-profit Deploy Foundation. You can contact the foundation at -

Deploy Foundation
2001 183rd Ave NE
Redmond WA 98052